Caribbean Report 14-09-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Orin Gordon (00:00 - 00:26)
2. Reporter Timothy Eckert reports on the extensive damage wreaked by Hurricane Floyd on the islands of the Bahamas. Winds have been recorded in excess of 150 miles per hour and government officials have warned residents to stay indoors until the passage of the hurricane. Damage is particularly severe in the north eastern part of the island. Greg Hernandez of the National Hurricane Center in Miami classifies Floyd as a category 4 hurricane and one of the most dangerous hurricanes to cross the Atlantic and discusses the impending arrival of hurricane Garth and its effect on the Leeward islands (00:27 – 06:33)
3. The impending approach of hurricane Floyd has resulted in states of emergency being declared in Florida and Georgia. Space agency NASA has evacuated its space station at Cape Canaveral. Emergency officials are urging residents to seek refuge shelter at Red Cross and vacate low lying areas. Malcolm Brabant reports (06:34 - 09:37)
4. The regional airline LIAT has been issued orders to cut staff and recruit new managers in an attempt to recoup annual operating losses of 13 million EC dollars. There have also been calls to Caribbean governments to reschedule debt incurred by the airline. These recommendations have been made by the airline consulting company Speedway, a subsidiary of British Airways. Antigua/Barbuda Transport Minister Robin Yearwood discusses the rejection of the offer and provides an overview of LIAT finances (09:38 - 13:38)
5. Caribbean countries have agreed to establish special investigative units to deter drug traffickers and money launderers. The agreement was a recommendation made during a meeting held in Washington DC between representatives from the Caribbean and the United States on national security issues. Tony Fraser reports on statements by Attorney General Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj on the inadequacies of existing anti money laundering and drug laws in Trinidad and Tobago and the proposals of new legislative measures by the government (13:39 – 15:22)