Caribbean Report 18-01-2002



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:24)
2. The people of the Netherlands Antilles are voting to choose a new administration for the five island federation. Spending cuts by the coalition government of Prime Minister Miguel Pourier can hurt their chances of being re-elected (00:25-03:18)
3. The Haitian Prime Minister Jean Marie Chérestal has tendered his resignation amidst mounting criticism of the government’s failure to improve the troubled economy. President Jean Bertrand Aristide must agree for the resignation to take effective (03:19-04:35)
4. In Guyana a state of shock and disbelief engulf the eastern village of Crabwood Creek where the burnt remains of four persons including the fifteen year old son of the owner and two farm workers are discovered (04:36-06:23)
5. Across the United States new airline safety measures are in effect requiring the screening of every piece of checked luggage for explosives either by hand, machine or sniffer dog (06:24-08:18)
6. Experts in off-shore banking observe that the use of low tax Caribbean centres by major US companies like Enron to legally shelter profits, reflects a clear need for US tax law to be tightened (08:19-10:12)
7. A special negotiation committee is being set up by the World Trade Organization for the launch of a broad new set of pre-trade negotiations. Eastern Caribbean Ambassador to Brussels, Edwin Laurent says the Caribbean is concerned that the new round is seeking considerable acceleration in the liberalization of trade (10:13-12:12)
8. Delegates from the International Committee of the Red Cross make their first visit to help Al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners held by US forces at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Human rights groups accuse Washington of treating the prisoners brought from Afghanistan inhumanely (12:13-12:45)
9. In Norway 2001 two young persons with links to Neo-Nazi groups were found guilty of killing a black teenager, Benjamin Hermansen. The shock at Norway’s first race related killing provoked huge anti-racist demonstrations around the country. Emma Joseph has the story (12:46-14:29)
10. The former girlfriend of Rickey Sweeney, a “Yardie” gang leader was praised as the bravest woman in Britain. Sophie Lewis gave crucial evidence in two court trials despite being shot in the head four times and then gunned down so as to prevent her from testifying. The twenty-three year old Sophie survived and her evidence led to conviction of gang members (14:30-15:27)