Caribbean Report 14-06-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Guyana's Opposition Leader Desmond Hoyte warns of the risk of armed confrontation. Opposition Leader Desmond Hoyte is interviewed and Colin Smith reports (00:28-02:35)
3. There has been further opposition to the judicial appointment of former Dominican Opposition Leader Brian Alleyne. Former Opposition Leader Brian Alleyne is interviewed (02:36-03:44)
4. The independence of Caribbean judges came into question earlier this year after government leaders of the Eastern Caribbean failed to uphold a recommendation to extend a judges tenure. President of the Bar Association of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Agnes Cato is interviewed (03:45-05:44)
5. Compromise as the Habitat Conference ends in Turkey (05:45-07:51)
6. The 13th Meeting of the Caribbean Group for Corporation in Economic Development also wraps up in the World Bank in Washington. In attendance were five prime ministers from the region along with aid agencies and representatives of several developing nations. Prime Minister Vaughn Lewis is interviewed and Roy Osana reports (07:52-10:10)
7. A remark by a Guyanese magistrate concerning alleged ill treatment of Guyanese travellers to Barbados and other Caribbean countries has caused some feeling in Barbados. Magistrate Mr K Juman-Yassin and Managing Editor of the Advocate Denzil Agard are interviewed (10:11-14:21)
8. Cuban air authorities have complained to the United Nations International Aviation Organisation that extremist from Miami are planning to violate its airspace next month (14:22-15:25)