Caribbean Report 04-11-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Ken Richards (00:00 - 00: 28)
2. European Union draft resolutions at the United Nations calling on all states to suspend or abolish capital punishment. Caribbean diplomats are paying close attention to the long-term implications of these resolutions (00:29 - 02:04)
3. A meeting of officials from Los Angeles, United States and Caribbean is currently scheduled for Washington DC with its focus on combatting trafficking and consumption of illegal drug trade (02:05 – 02:47)
4. Caribbean and African manufacturers are to benefit from expanded access to US market after US Senate approve new trade bill which removes tariffs on imports of clothing into the US. The bill has strong backing of President Bill Clinton. St Lucia Prime Minister Kenny Anthony discusses the Caribbean Basin initiative, a similar bill which did not benefit the Caribbean region. Orin Gordon reports (02:47 – 04:39)
5. Employees of regional Caribbean airline LIAT will present a rescue plan for the airline’s economic woes at the company’s shareholders meeting. This plan is in direct response to Speedway report and recommendations of a drastic reduction in the work force. LIAT Shop steward in St. Lucia and Civil Aviation Minister Philip J Pierre analyses situation and offers solutions to recommendations offered. Pete Nimvalle reports (04:40 - 07:16)
6. The role of the opposition in the Caribbean is analyzed in Kingstown St. Vincent following opposition and friction in the Unity Labour Party member Stanley John stance on policy of boycotting state functions. Deputy leader of the ULP Ken Boyle and Trevor Monroe reader in government and politics at Mona Campus in Jamaica highlight the role of opposition political parties in Caribbean politics (07:17 – 11:48)
7. In Trinidad and Tobago accusations has been leveled against government Minister Ganga Singh for influencing charges against trade union leaders. General Secretary of Communication Workers Lyle Townsend discusses claims of political interference and intimidation of workers. Tony Fraser reports (11:49 – 14:20)
8. In Bonn Germany ministers concluded a meeting on climate change and drafted pledges on polices to damaging green house emissions which can lead to global warming (14:21 – 15:30)