Castries River & Cemetery. Castries St. Lucia. W.I





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The image of this postcard is set in Castries, St. Lucia, with a river located on the opposite side of the cemetery. Buildings in the cemetery include a church and a chapel. Grave stones are scattered around the cemetery. There are a number of trees mainly breadfruit and palm trees surrounding the cemetery property. The roofs on the buildings have a visible architecture feature. There are three persons seen walking through the cemetery, and a gentleman is also seen carrying a basket on his head. The number 39957 is printed on the front of the card in the bottom right hand corner. M. & C. 22 (is printed in red ink at the bottom left hand corner) This is a divided back post card. Back of the Postcard: ST. LUCIA (STE LUCIE) : POST CARD: The Address only to be written on this side: £E6 €8 (handwritten in pencil)


Landscape; Sephia tone; 4" x 8 ¼"

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Rivers, Trees, Cemetry, Graves, Churches, Chapels, Roofs