In Toco Village, Trinidad



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Richardson and Selway Ltd., Trinidad


From this photograph we get a glimpse of village life in Toco, Trinidad. A variety of trees and houses line the wide, inclining, road. They cast large shadows on the road. On the left at mid-ground is a simple, galvanize roof held up by three, straight poles. Massive, concrete steps emanate from this and cascade into the road. On the right the louvered doors of another house can be seen. The rest of the structure is hidden by a gigantic, fruit tree. A crouched man stands in the middle of the road near the horizon. Behind him is a fully grown coconut palm. All that can be seen of the other houses, located slightly down hill near the horizon, are their Caribbean-styled, roof tops.


Colour: Black and White; Style: Portrait; Other: Bordered, Divided
Funding for this project has been provided by Mrs. Irma E. Goldstraw.

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Trinidad and Tobago, Postcards, Dwellings--Trinidad and Tobago, Rural villages--Trinidad and Tobago, Rural roads--Trinidad and Tobago, Trees--Trinidad and Tobago, Coconut palm--Trinidad and Tobago, Cities and towns--Trinidad and Tobago--Toco, Roofs--Trinidad and Tobago, Stairs--Trinidad and Tobago