Caribbean Report 03-09-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:37)
2. Efforts to get Haiti on the road to justice and democracy have led the Electoral Board to postpone the general elections carded for 4th November. Michael Norton assesses the implications of this decision in his report from Port-au-Prince (00:38-04:01)
3. Veteran Trinidadian politician, Basdeo Panday of the UNC party, is awaiting word from the country’s president on his appointment as the leader of the official opposition. Debbie Ransome’s interview with Basdeo Panday also focuses on the race element in the UNC and his opinions on the attempted coup (04:02-09:07)
4. Financial News. Martin Webber of the BBC Financial Unit comments on the rise in the price of crude oil (09:08-10:51)
5. As the 1991 referendum approaches in Puerto Rico, the arguments for the retention of Commonwealth status is gaining momentum over the option of statehood. The plebiscite will offer the Puerto Ricans three options: independence, to become the 51st American state or maintain the current status. David Adams reports on the general mood of the population, the issue of language barrier and the inclusion of Puerto Ricans in the US military (10:52-15:08)