Caribbean Report 18-09-1991

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Jarvis, Mike (anchor)
The British Broadcasting Corporation
Alleyne, Gary (correspondent)
Duncan, D.K. (interviewee)
Thorpe, Marjorie (interviewee)
MaCallan, John (interviewee)
Arthur, Owen (correspondent)
Crosskill, Hugh (correspondent)

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The British Broadcasting Corporation



Report ends abruptly during the final segment.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:45)
2. The ruling People’s National Party in Jamaica starts its 53rd Annual Conference today against the background of a failing economy. The conference also seeks to address the election of a new general secretary and an announcement by Prime Minister Michael Manley on his political future is expected. Gary Alleyne reports and former Cabinet Minister D.K. Duncan comments on the political future of the PNP and Michael Manley (00:46-07:38)
3. Cuba still awaits word on if it is successful in securing the bid to have the US 30-year-old trade embargo placed on the agenda of the 46th annual session of the UN General Assembly. Hugh Crosskill reports that support for the move appears to be slim particularly amongst Caribbean countries. Comments from Trinidad and Tobago Ambassador to the UN Marjorie Thorpe and British Labour Party MP and Chairman of UK-Cuba Friendship Association John MaCallan (07:39-10:45)
4. The opposition Barbados Labour Party responded to the austerity measures announced by the Prime Minister yesterday in a supplementary budget. Owen Arthur of the BLP describes the mini budget as a declaration of economic warfare that will only lead to further unemployment. Comments from members of the general public in Barbados (10:46-13:37)
5. Haiti’s President Jean-Bertrand Aristide appeals to the international community to pressure the President of the Dominican Republic Joaquín Balaguer to negotiate with the Haitian government concerning the rights of Haitians being deported from the Dominican Republic (13:38-13:59)