An Investigation into the Mechanics That are in Place to Build the Capacity for the Sustained and Successful Implementation of the Ministry of Education’s School Improvement Initiatives in the Caroni District of Trinidad and Tobago



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This study investigated whether there were mechanics in place to build Technology Education (Tech. Ed.) and Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQ) curricula in an education district in Trinidad and Tobago. It also investigated what capacity-building support mechanics the participants perceived were necessary for the sustained and successful implementation of both curricula. Participants in the study were two principals and seven teachers. Data were collected through interviews and through the administration of questionnaires. The findings revealed that the successful implementation of the Tech. Ed. and CVQ initiatives were influenced by factors relating to: 1) resources; 2) culture; 3) professionalism and teacher philosophy, training, and experience; 4) support for learning; 5) curriculum design and enactment; 6) contact hours/teaching time; and 7) leadership.


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Case studies, Capacity building, Principal attitudes, Curriculum implementation, Teacher attitudes, Secondary school teachers, Technology education, Caribbean Vocational Qualifications, Trinidad and Tobago