Caribbean Report 31-08-1999 



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Debbie Ransome (00:00 - 00:33)
2. Anchor Debbie Ransome conducts an in-depth interview with Aubrey Armstrong Head of Guyana Public Sector Pay Tribunal on Guyana public sector workers ongoing wage dispute. Colin Smith reports on the tribunal ruling on minimum wage increases for public sector workers and effects on the macroeconomic programme in the country (00:34 - 05:44)
3. Anti-drug experts from the 34 countries of the Organization of American States (OAS) gather at a three day meeting in Ottawa. The inter-governmental working group is finalizing a multilateral evaluation procedure. Antigua and Barbuda OAS Ambassador Lionel Hurst discusses the necessity of this new method of evaluation. Keith Stone Greaves reports on the initiative established to develop a common standard to tackle all aspects of drug smuggling and related crimes (05:45 – 07:55)
4. Venezuela constitutional assembly has removed the last major powers of the country’s congress. The move follows earlier measures to curb the independence of the judiciary. President Chavez speaks on the role of the Assembly. Opposition assembly member Olivera accuses Chavez of staging a backdoor coup and comments on his dictatorial politics. Professor Anthony Bryan at the University of Miami analyses the election of Chavez and the role of the US and Caribbean regional governments in the ongoing dispute (07:56 -12: 31)
5. At the Association of Caribbean Economists regional conference in St. Marten the equal status of small island states within competing and often dominating partnerships with larger islands was prioritized as an important agenda item. Participants examine the constraints faced by countries such as Dutch St. Marten as part of the Netherland Antilles, French St. Marten and Guadeloupe, Tobago with Twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago. Mike Jarvis reports on the disadvantages of such unions (12: 32 - 14:42)
6. Tobagonian footballer Dwight Yorke and Commonwealth Secretary General Chief Omowale Ajani Kuye were cited and as honored in Trinidad and Tobago list of Independence award winners. Manchester United football player Yorke received the second highest Award Chaconia Gold. Nigerian born Chief Omowale Ajani Kuye was presented with the Trinity Cross and honored as the only non –Caribbean national to receive Trinidad and Tobago highest medal. Newspaper reports state that cabinet Ministers were not in favor of granting the latter award (14:43 – 15:29)