Caribbean Report 06-04-1994



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Carol Orr (00:00-00:27)
2. The Dominican Republic will not allow international observers to inspect its borders with Haiti. The refusal comes as the country denies engaging in border trade with Haiti. Dominican Republic is committed to supporting the US trade embargo. Ian Fairley reports (00:28-04:17)
3. Trinidad and Tobago announced its decision to apply for the queue to enter North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The country’s trade minister Ken Valley defended the move in the face of criticisms made by several CARICOM nations. However, the decision to apply to NAFTA was criticized by senior economist Frank Rampersad (04:18-07:34)
4. The Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles, Miguel Pourier has said that further integration with the rest of the Caribbean is one of his government’s priorities. The Netherlands Antilles has observer status within the CARICOM group of countries. To this end, Pourier has appointed a junior minister responsible for Caribbean Affairs. Correspondent Mike Jarvis reports (07:35-10:10)
5. The Chief Minister of Montserrat, Reuben Meade has defeated a vote of no confidence in his leadership. The motion was brought by the opposition and it comes after a month after Mr. Meade announced his government was going to suspend the Common External Tariff. Speaker of the House, Howard Fergus comments on the issue (10:11-12:24)
6. The announcement of a bi-election this month for a metropolitan constituency in Jamaica is likely to heighten political maneuvers and tension in the country. Gary Allen reports (12:25-14:01)
7. Two hundred Cuban exiles from around the world, have accepted an invitation to Hawaii to discuss was of improving links with the island. This is just the first initiative of its kind. The invitation was extended to Cubans residing in forty (40) countries including Trinidad and Tobago and the Dominican Republic. The three-day conference will focus on immigration and Cuba’s economy (14:02-14:40)
8. Wrap up & theme music (14:41-14:42)