Caribbean Report 16-03-1994



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Carol Orr (00:00-00:30)
2. A bill challenging the American embargo against Cuba comes before two committees in the US House of Representatives. Present at the meeting will be representatives from the Cuba-American exile community, American and British business community, and members of the diplomatic core. The bill is being piloted by Congressman Charles Rangel who is the Chairman of the Select Revenue Measures Committee (00:30-1:05)
3. The Cuban government will announce the names of Cuban American exiles who will attend a special conference in Havana in April. Up to 200 Cuban exiles from 24 countries are expected to take part in discussion with the Cuban government. The majority, however, will come from Miami. The discussion will focus on immigration, human rights and travel. Rosie Hayes reports from Havana (01:06-03:27)
4. Anguilla’s electorate went to the polls for the fifth time. The island is the test case for a new British policy in the Caribbean. The country policy plan which outlines this restructured relationship was a key issue during the election campaign. The three-year 10.5 million dollar-plan was initially accepted but deeper scrutiny by the House of Assembly and the public meetings, has caused controversy. Sir Emile Gumbs commented on the plan at a public meeting, Victor Banks and other politicians weigh in on the issue. Geraldine Cockland reports (03:28-06:04)
5. West Indies batsman Carl Hooper’s withdrawal from the West Indies test squad could be part of a larger issue of deteriorating relationship with players and the West Indies Cricket Board of Control. Hooper’s withdrawal due to a back injury ended speculation whether he would force his way back into the team. Orin Gordon reports from Guyana (06:05-08:56)
6. Trinidad and Tobago’s manufacturers say they may need protection as the government sets its sights on entering NAFTA. Gordon Rousseau, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturing Association speaks on the issue during an interview (08:57-10:45)
7. The first Vice President of the Barbados Manufacturers Association state that Barbados manufacturers are already getting into extra regional markets. Lewis Curtin, the First vice-President of the Barbados Manufacturing Association (10:46-11:35)
8. The Director of the Caribbean Council for Europe David Jessop predicted that the Eastern Caribbean might get the bumpiest ride as Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica seek bigger markets in the north. Ken Boyer is the Managing Director of the St. Vincent-based Caribbean group of companies. In his view, the OECS has time to improve preparedness for the Free Trade. It would give the Eastern Caribbean countries the time to prepare for NAFTA (11:36-14:36)
9. Theme music (14:37-14:51)