Caribbean Report 06-02-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:31)
2. In Haiti President Aristide prepares to relinquish the reigns of power in a ceremony set to be low keyed. Incoming President Rene Preval has a multitude of challenges facing as he prepares to take up office and grassroot Haitians, also, have a long standing problem they hope Mr Preval will tackle head on. Jean-Bertrand Aristide is interviewed. Michael Norton and Alex Newman report (00:32-07:04)
3. Debtors to the UN are told to pay up or see the fifty years old association go bankrupt. Joseph Connor, UN Chief Financial Officer and Ahmad Fauzi, Deputy Spokesman for the Secretary General of the United Nations are interviewed (07:05-10:58)
4. St. Lucia's George Odlum has been fired from his job as ambassador to the UN. He launches his by elections campaign in Castries this evening with a public meeting of his National Front. Ambassador George Odlum is interviewed (10:59-12:55)
5. In Guyana the government's tough message on murder as another death row prisoner set to be hanged on Monday. Warren Gordon reports (12:56-15:15)