Caribbean Report 03-05-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines by Pat Whitehorne (00:00-00:31)
2. The Commonwealth observer team wraps up its week long visit to Guyana to assess the electoral process. At a news conference the group announced that there was no evidence to manipulate the electoral system. Two members of the group Noah Lee and Joslyn Lucas discuss their recommendations with Sharief Khan (00:32-03.14)
3. Even though six weeks have gone since 8,000 people marched and signed a freedom of corruption petition in Antigua, the only response has been a letter from the Prime Minister acknowledging the petition agreeing to a meeting which has not yet taken place. Mr. Baldwin Spencer, parliamentary leader of the opposition UNDP speaks more about this issue (03:15-05:35)
4. The current situation in Antigua was one of the talking points when Reverence Allan Kirtin and Bishop Rexalle Gomez discuss the role of the church in the region with Pete Nimvalle (05:36-14:22)
5. Pat Whitehorne wraps up the report (14:23-14:54)