Caribbean Report 10-12-2001

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:27)
2. Early estimates point to a high voter turnout for Trinidad and Tobago general elections. Basdeo Panday expresses confidence in his party’s chances. Tony Fraser reports (00:28-03:18)
3. Grenada amends its offshore financial laws in a bid to get off the Paris based International Financial Taskforce blacklist against money laundering. Lou Smith reports (03:19-05:02)
4. Caribbean leaders set up a joint committee at the Caribbean Tourism Summit to address the issue of disproportionate taxes and passenger charges paid by the hotel industry as compared to cruise tourism. Bahamas Tourism Minister Tommy Turnquest, says he’s convinced the new committee will help lead hoteliers towards an altered way of thinking (05:03-08:13)
5. Representatives of Britain’s ethnic communities have voiced concerns, following remarks made by Minister in charge of Home Affairs David Blunkett. Blunkett said immigrants should make more effort to integrate into British society by learning English. Ken Richards reports (08:14-09:58)
6. In an interview with the anchor, Lee Jasper Secretary of the National Assembly Against Racism in Britain says he was disturbed by David Blunkett statements which he regards as a diversion of the real problems of racism (09:59-12:45)
7. More than 20 Heads of Government will attend the Summit of Association of Caribbean States in Venezuela. Leaders will be particularly interested in the agreement with OPEC. Natalie Williams reports (12:46-14:09)
8. Tony Fraser and the anchor examine earlier claims that there is a higher voter turnout in this Trinidad and Tobago general elections (14:10-15:30)