Caribbean Report 26-07-2001

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. New wave of violent unrest hits the Jamaican capital. The upsurge in violence comes just days before the British Prime Minister Tony Blair is due to arrive in Jamaica. He is expected to meet with P.J. Patterson whose government has launched a multimillion dollar tourist campaign to try and attract nervous would be visitors. Iain Haddow, Fitzroy Pendergrass and Orin Gordon reports (00:27-05:48)
3. Leaders from the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States have wrapped up their Summit in Dominica. Prime Ministers Ralph Gonsalves and Keith Mitchell are interviewed. Nicole Georges reports (05:49-09:00)
4. Ban on whaling stays despite the Caribbean attempt to lift it. Rosie Hayes reports (09:01-10:52)
5. Over one million Cubans go on an anti-American march in Havana. Daniel Schweimler reports (10:53-12:29)
6. Haiti is trying to put its political house in order to restart the flow of international aid to the country. How Haiti uses aid intended to improve the justice system is coming under the American lens. Justice Minister Gary Lissade is interviewed and Quil Lawrence reports (12:30-15:37)