Caribbean Report 19-06-1996



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:26)
2. Cuban South African relations are being strengthened despite the Helms-Burton law. Still on Helms-Burton Grenadian Prime Minister Keith Mitchell says talk of free trade is meaningless if one contradicts the other. He says the American position is a weak one. Prime Minister Keith Mitchell and Carolyn Dempster of BBC African Service are interviewed (00:27-04:13)
3. Haitian American journalist Jean-Jean Pierre says the United States is not keen on extraditing Emmanuel Constant, the former leader of the paramilitary group FRAPH. Michael Ratner of the Centre for Constitutional Rights is interviewed and Jean-Jean Pierre reports (04:14-05:26)
4. BWIA is criticised for changing its mind again about its St. Lucia service. St. Lucia Director of Tourism Agnes Francis and Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Romanus Lansiquot are interviewed (05:27-07:35)
5. Jamaican political commentator Ronald Thwaites has described the Louis Farrakhan's visit as a positive development. Political Commentator Ronald Thwaites is interviewed (07:36-10:54)
6. Dominica's leading conservation group has warned that the island could end up becoming as dependent on mining as it has become on bananas if an Australian mining project goes ahead. Manager for Caribbean Exploration Philip Pyle and President of the Dominica Conservation Association Atherton Martin are interviewed (10:55-13:15)
7. A racial war within the Dutch football camp at Euro '96. Warren Gordon reports (13:16-15:31)