Caribbean Report 29-05-1989

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-01:00)
2. In Washington, Michael Manley calls for the creation by the UN of a multinational drug intelligence force. Interview with Jamaican PM Michael Manley, Adrian Porter reports (01:01-02:54)
3. Jamaica to get a new Intelligence Unit to assist in fight against drugs. Interview with Jamaica's Minister of National Security, K. D. Knight (02:55-05:52)
4. Financial News (05:53-07:31)
5. Jamaican students studying in China are flown to safety in Hong Kong by the British Embassy. Interview with student Andrei Wiltshire, Hugh Crosskill reports (07:32-10:46)
6. Stories of Caribbean interest appear in the British Press (10:47-13:36)
7. Barbados Michael Stoute does not have much luck at the Derby. Interview with Michael Stoute, Horse Trainer. Peter Bromley reports (13:37-14:51)