Bateau Bay, Tobago




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S.l.:Norman Parkinson


Description printed on the back of the postcard: "Looking from Bateau Bay towards Bird of Paradise Island or Little Tobago. About 1 mile to the North East beyond Goat Island is situated Little Tobago. Here, in the early morning or evening, with the help of a guide and a little luck, you will be rewarded with the fantastic sight of the male Bird of Paradise. Many years ago several couples, brought from New Guinea were set free on this island and although the bird population was sadly depleted by Hurricane Flora in 1963, quite a few have been heard and seen since that disaster. This island a natural bird sanctury is well worth a visit. It is also a haven for many species of humming birds."


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Trinidad and Tobago, Postcards, Bays--Trinidad and Tobago, Scenic overlooks--Trinidad and Tobago, Islands--Trinidad and Tobago, Birds--Trinidad and Tobago