Caribbean Report 07-06-1991



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:30)
2. Desi Bouterse, Suriname’s army commander, has been targeted for assassination by the US. Chandra van Bennendijk reports that the assassination claims were announced at a press conference of the army commander’s special envoy (00:31-03:11)
3. The Caribbean and Latin America celebrates Freedom of Expression Day, traditionally a day when journalists, academics and politicians explore the limits of the region’s media. Michael Norton reports on the status of censorship and intimidation of the media in Haiti since the assumption of President Aristide in February (03:12-06:01)
4. Hundreds of members of the Informal Commercial Importers marched through Kinston and Montego Bay protesting the government’s decision to maintain additional duties on imported goods. Gary Allen interviews Dunston Whittingham, General Secretary of Jamaica’s Vendor Association (06:02-07:56)
5. William Morris, a Jamaican-born trade unionist in Britain, is elected as the leader of Britain’s largest union, Transport and General Workers Union. Pat Whithorne interviews William Morris, the first black person to lead a major trade union in Britain (07:57-09:59)
6. Brinsley Samaroo, Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Food Production, criticizes the Caricom planning meeting process which he describes as nothing more than a talk-shop. At the first International Conference on the Financing Caribbean Agricultural Development (AGROCARIB 2000), Dr. Samaroo states that Caricom decision-makers are long on rhetoric and short on action due to the legacy of colonialism, and recommends the restructuring of the Caribbean public service system (10:00-11:50)
7. Professor Anthony Bryan, Director of the Institute of International Relations at UWI, gives his views on the Santiago Compromise, a recent initiative of the OAS to preserve democracy in the hemisphere (11:51-13:51)
8. On the second day of the first test series between the West Indies and England, the West Indies limits England to 198 runs all out and England fights back by reducing the West Indies to 168 runs for 8 wickets. Part Murphy reports on the impressive bowling of Mark Ramprakash (13:52-14:51)