An Exploration of Deviant Students’ Perceptions of Their Behaviour at a Single Sex Girls’ Secondary School in the St. George East Education District

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This study explored four students’ perceptions of their deviant behaviour at an all-girls’ secondary school in Trinidad and Tobago. It aimed to (a) identify the factors that impact students’ beliefs regarding deviant behaviour, (b) explore deviant behaviour as perceived from the perspective of deviants, and (c) examine deviant students’ perceptions of their treatment by teachers. Data were collected through interviews and examination of the students’ records. Among the themes that emerged from the study were: 1) parenting practices, 2) preservation of image, 3) negative teacher attitude, 4) level of maturity, and 5) behaviour norms. The findings showed that while parenting practices and negative teacher attitude were instrumental in shaping the girls’ behaviour, the latter had greater influence.


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Case studies, Perception, Single-sex schools, Female students, Behaviour problems, Secondary school students, Student attitudes, Trinidad and Tobago