Caribbean Report 27-07-1999 



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Debbie Ransome (00:00 - 00:30)
2. Following mounting pressure from the British Press and political parties to examine financial contributions of Michael Ashcroft British opposition party treasurer and Belize UN ambassador the UK government issued new guidelines for political contributions. The new bill outlines measures which seek to limit financial contributions to political parties from foreign nationals and also introduce limits on donations to British politicians and spending on political campaigns. Home secretary Jack Straw outlines the new legislation in parliament. Ken Richards reports (00:31 – 03:21)
3. Guyana’s opposition leader Desmond Hoyte is calling for the curtailment of holidays for parliamentarians in light of the hectic election agenda. Before the general elections there are a number of issues to be resolved including review and rewrite of the constitution, holding a referendum to enact constitutional reform and hosting local government elections (03:22 – 05:14)
4. Trinidad and Tobago is due to hang its tenth death row inmate Anthony Briggs. Briggs is scheduled to be hang for the 1992 murder of taxi driver. Errol Pilgrim reports from Trinidad on the failure of Briggs’ appeal to the Privy Council and non-intervention by the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Arthur Robinson (05:15 - 07:00)
5. Jamaica is considering withdrawal from the Inter-American Human Rights Commission, following a similar move by Trinidad and Tobago. Independent Human Rights Consultant Flo O’Connor recommends that Caribbean governments renegotiate for shorter appeals within these international organisations (07:01 – 09:42)
6. London Metropolitan police arrested a number of persons following a spate of murders inthe capital with large Caribbean populations. These killings have been linked to rival yardies gangs whose members originate in Jamaica. Emma Joseph reports on the increase in violence and police response (09:43 – 11:15)
7. Cuba and Canada are engaged in a diplomatic war of words over a number of issues including defection of athletes and human rights. In his annual address to commemorate the Cuban People revolution President Castro verbally attacked the US and Canada. Canada announced plans to cut ties with Cuba following the country’s imprisonment of four high profile dissidents. Associate Professor and President of political science of McGill University in Montreal Philip Oxhorn comments on the impasse and war of words between the two countries (11:16 – 14:36)
8. New policies were announced in Florida for cruise ships to report all crimes at sea to the Federal Bureau of Investigation amid an increase in sexual assaults on cruise lines. These new regulations apply to all North American cruise ships. The International Council of Cruise lines announced that the new measures will take place immediately (14:37 – 15:26)