Caribbean Report 18-06-1990


Amidst unbearable economic pressures, the opposition People’s Progressive Party in Guyana questions how the Guyanese people are going to cope after the harsh economic measures imposed by the IMF. A 26.6% devaluation of the Guyana dollar has pushed the exchange rate to forty-five Guyanese dollars to one US dollar. Following the Financial News, the opposition leaders in the Windward Islands rejected British proposal submitted to the European Commission for the regulation of the banana trade after 1992. In the next segment, the government of the United States now offers supports to the setting up of an international fund to aid the developing nations to reduce the use of chemicals that are harmful to the earth’s ozone layer. The report ends with the cancellation of the British version of Jamaica’s Reggae Sunsplash scheduled to take place in Manchester.


Report commences during the headline news.

Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:33)
2. Opposition People's Progressive Party of Guyana questions how people of the country are going to survive after the harsh economic measures imposed by the IMF. Sharief Khan interviews Janet Jagan, opposition MP (00:34-03:31)
3. Financial News (03:32-03:46)
4. Windward Islands opposition leaders reject Britain's proposal for the banana trade after 1992. Comments from Julian Hunte, leader of the opposition in St. Lucia. Pat Whitehorne interviews Jane Elliott of the Body Shop.
5. US government supports international fund to aid developing countries against the pollution of the environment. Leslie Garth interviews Tracy Hislop, Greenpeace (09:58-12:39)
6. UK version of Jamaica's Reaggae Sunsplash has been cancelled. Hugh Crosskill interviews journalist, Mike Shaft (12:40-14:53)