Caribbean Report 09-08-1990

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:20)
2. US Vice President, Dan Quayle, is to make a brief stop in Haiti today to meet with President Aristide. Joel Thebaud, Managing Director of a major Haitian company Prominex, states that President Aristide should capitalize on the talks in order to boost investments in Haiti (00:21-03:03)
3. The Banana Growers Association in St. Vincent loses its General Manager without a replacement. The BGA’s Board of Directors has given no reason as to why they failed to renew the contract of General Manager Monty Eustace and Colin Williams reports that the successor of Mr. Eustace is uncertain (03:04-04:30)
4. The British Government has denied reports that it has turned down Air Holland’s application to fly via a British city to the Caribbean because the Multilateral Air Agreement between Britain and the Caribbean is still outstanding. Interview with Air Holland’s Managing Director (04:31-08:28)
5. Pat Murphy and Trevor Bailey reviews another day’s play between the West Indies and England in the fifth and final test at the Oval (08:29-10:29)
6. Hugh Crosskill reports on the noticeable decline in visible West Indian crowd support at the Oval throughout the current series between the West Indies and England. After complaints by English supporters a few years ago, a ban was instituted on drums, horns, whistles and other musical instruments at the Oval. There has also been a new ticketing arrangement which resulted in breaking up the blocks of West Indian fans around the grounds. According to some West Indian supporters, they no longer feel welcome at the Oval. The report also features controversial remarks by British commentator Freddy Trueman during a test match a few years ago (10:30-14:44)