Caribbean Report 18-05-1989

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:42)
2. Anger in South London as the Labour Party imposes a white candidate for Brixton, Vauxhall by-elections. Interviews with Kate Hoey, Linda Blair, Wayne Hattersley, Martha Osamor, Roy Hattersley, Rudy Narine, and Bernie Grant (00:43-04:45)
3. Financial News. Interview with Rhona O’Connell (04:46-06:32)
4. Trinidad and Tobago defends its decision to join the OAS delegation to Panama. Interview with Dr. Bhoe Tewarie (06:33-09:50)
5. Jamaican Ian Moo-Young, an unknown amateur tennis player in Britain bets on himself to win Wimbledon. Interview with Ian Moo-Young (09:51-13:18)
6. West Indies bowler Patrick Patterson has been fined and suspended by his county cricket club. Interview with Chris Hassell. Jerry Timmins reports (13:19-15:12)