OP6 - Kelshall, Jack

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Jack Kelshall was a lawyer and politician who espoused democratic socialism. He was involved in the politics of Trinidad and Tobago in the 1940s and l950s. He was also involved with the Youth Council and the trade union movement, serving for many years as legal advisor to the Oilfield Workers' Trade Union.
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San Fernando, Legal Profession, Socialism, Politics: Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad Petroleum Development, Butler, Tubal Uriah, Trinidad Light Infantry Volunteers, Political Parties: Trinidad and Tobago, United Front, West Indian National Party, Petroleum Industry, People's National Movement, Solomon, Patrick, Williams, Eric, Trinidad Youth Council, Trade Unions, Oilfield Workers' Trade Union, Pitt, David (Lord Pitt of Hampstead), Jagan, Cheddi, Power Movement, 1970, Weekes, George, State of Emergency, 1971, Methodist Church, Biography, Politics:Guyana, Early Twentieth Century, Law Firms, Legal Profession, Politics, Labour, Unions, Political Parties, Federation, Family Life