Caribbean Report 16-08-1989



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:46-01:29)
2. US President George Bush rules out any chance of the United States resuming a normal relationship with Cuba until President Castro introduces greater freedom in his country. Adrian Porter reports (01:30-03:48)
3. To get an assessment of the President's speech and the impact it is likely to have in Havana, Jaime Suchliki, expert on Cuban Affairs at the University of Miami, joins the discussion (03:49-06:28)
4. Financial news: Revenue from tourism in Trinidad and Tobago was down six percent at Carnival this year compared to the same period last year. In an attempt to reverse this trend a new Cruise Ship Complex was opened yesterday to make the twin-island ports more competitive. Tim Forrest reports (06:29-09:14)
5. In the quest for electoral reform in Guyana Dr. Cheddi Jagan mourns a general strike (9:16-12:51)
6. In the face of the on-going controversy regarding the rebel tour of sportsmen to South Africa, Pat Whitehorne interviews anti-apartheid campaigner Sam Ramsamy (12:52-15:44)