Caribbean Report 02-09-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. Freshly announced British plans to alleviate conditions caused by Montserrat's volcano is greeted with scepticism. Minister of International Development, George Foulkes and Chief Minister, David Brandt are interviewed. James White, Jr. reports (00:30-06:16)
3. British Member of Parliament Bernie Grant who visited Montserrat last week met today with International Development Secretary Clare Short to detail his findings. He has recommended the appointment of a supremo to oversee British aid and development policy. Member of Parliament, Bernie Grant is interviewed (06:17-09:07)
4. Janet Jagan is expected to lead Guyana's government party into the next general election. Information Minister Moses Nagamootoo and Editor of the Chronice, Sharief Khan are interviewed. Moya Thomas reports (09:08-11:02)
5. Another trade crisis is looming between Port of Spain and Bridgetown. Trade Minister Mervyn Assam is interviewed and Tony Fraser reports (11:03-12:50)
6. South Africa has postponed the ratification of the Lomé Convention after accusing the European Union of dragging its feet on a key trade clause (12:51-13:16)
7. Stories of Caribbean interest appearing in the British press (13:17-15:22)