Caribbean Report 09-04-1998



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Electra Naysmith (00:00-00:26)
2. St. Lucia's businessman Nicholas Zephirin criticises what he believes to be unfair trading competition from Trinidad and Tobago but the Chamber of Commerce, Brian Louisy comments that St. Lucia must make itself competitive (00:27-05:45)
3. The UN is appealing for food and medicines to help the people affected by forest fires in Brazil. Guyana is also approaching the UN for assistance as it battles the effects of El Nino (05:46-06:06)
4. President Bill Clinton has announced plans to ban the import of millions of foreign military assault weapons which could prove to be good news for the Caribbean. Leslie Goffe reports (06:07-07:59)
5. Cuba's President Fidel Castro has called the US report that the Cuban military is no longer a threat, objective and serious (08:00-08:25)
6. In Trinidad, the West Indies cricket team completed a 4-1 series win over England in the One Day Internationals. Tony Cozier comments on what the win means for the Windies and Frank Keating comments on misplaced optimism on the part of England (08:26-14:49)
7. Recap of top stories (14:50-15:15)