Caribbean Report 09-12-1993



Table of Contents

Headlines with Debbie Ransome (00:32)
1. In St. Kitts Nevis a man is to be charged with breaking curfew. Ivor Blake Ag. Superintendent explains whether the country was experiencing a breakdown of law and order - (00:33 -03:30)
2. Teachers at the prestigious Caliber high school in Kingston Jamaica expressed their shock that ex student Colin Ferguson was responsible for the NY commuter shooting. The Principal said that Ferguson had no record of bad conduct. Dr. Joyce Sabari - Director Comprehensive Evaluation Programme Brooklyn’s Kings Director of the Comprehensive Evaluation Programme at Brooklyn’s Kings County Hospital gives an evaluation of Ferguson's psychological profile as it relates to his Jamaican birth and US upbringing (03:31 -06:28)
3. Former US President Jimmy Carter has confirmed that he will be in Guyana for a major conference of international donors and creditors, to review Guyana’s economic performance. Asgar Ali, Guyana’s Finance Minister expresses his views – Sharif Khan reports (06:29 -08:22)
4. The Vatican has said that it is prepared to use its good offices to help resolve Haiti’s political crisis – Prime Minister Robert Malval has requested help from the Vatican's Secretary of State and the Pope’s Foreign Minister - BBC correspondent David Willey reports (08:23 - 10:31)
5. Sri Lanka’s first test against the West Indies just outside Colombo – Roger Harper former West Indies Vice Captain celebrated his confident and zealous comeback. He says that the turning point for his return was the West Indies first season – Debbie Ransome reports (10:32 - 11:49)
6. A survey publishedin Britain this week has noted that four in ten black families are headed by single mothers – the percentage figures were drawn from a 1991 British census. Wendy Williams, Chairperson of the Black Women’s Action Group in South Hampton explains the possible reasons for these statistics. Kathryn Wendon, of Black Women for Wages for Housework, defends the cause of the single-women parents – Yvette Rowe reports (11:50 -14:54)