Caribbean Report 28-04-1994



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with Hugh Crosskill (00:00- 00:21)
2.Armed police guarded government buildings at strategic points on Dominica’s road today after a state of emergency was declared on the island late yesterday. A curfew was put in effect on the capital and communities within a three mile radius of the city requiring residence to be off the streets between 8pm and 6 am. The measures were announced after the bus, taxi and truck drivers blocked roads in protest against an increase in motor vehicle license fees. Police used tear gas to disperse protesters out of the government headquarters. Prime Minister Eugenia Charles said the state of emergency will remain in force as long as it is necessary. Two cruise ships scheduled to stop in Dominica have by-passed the islands since the start of the disturbance (00:22-01:13)
3. Concern continues to rise over volcanic activity in the Soufriere area seven miles South of Rousseau. There are a number of dormant volcanoes in the area. Six of them are in Soufriere. Seismologists from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus paid a visit. Correspondent Mike Bruney interviews seismologist William Ambie (01:14-03:37)
4. The resignation of US Administration Special Advisor on Haiti may signal a shift in America policy towards the beleaguered county. Laurence Pezzullo decided to resign after a meeting last week with US Secretary of State Warren Christopher. It felt he was forced to step down amid growing criticism of his policy of compromise towards the Haitian military. Jim Lobe reports (03:38-06:59)
5. Brian Lara created another bit of history by becoming the first Warrickshire player to be awarded his county cup without playing for the country first. The club decided to break with 114 years of tradition by capping Lara before he played for the Club. Brian Lara is interviewed during the segment. (07:00-9:15)
6. Lara’s arrival in Warrickshire was made even more comfortable by the presence of boyhood friend Dwight York who plays with Aston Villas in the English Premier League, attended the press conference. Weston Smith reports (09:15-10:35)
7. Surrey’s new West Indian player Cameron Cuffie is expected to make his debut in the 100-day match against the touring New Zealanders in the oval on Monday (10:36-11:20)
8. Fifty years later as Britain celebrates victory over Nazi Germany some former Caribbean recruits have mounted a campaign to gain recognition for West Indian contribution. The West Indian Ex-servicemen and Servicewomen’s Association launched a public education and fundraising drive at a conference today. Rene Webb says there is a need to heighten the debate on the West Indian contribution to the war. The role of West Indian servicemen and servicewoman has been overlooked according to world war veteran Webb (11:21-12:31)
9. Colin Douglas is the author of several books about the role of Caribbean people in war time and post war Britain, is interviewed. He discusses this aspect of history about which not very much is known. Hector Watson served in the Royal Air Force during the war. He talks about his experience during the war (12:32-14:36)
10. Wrap up (14:37-14:52)