Caribbean Report 14-06-1993



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:40)
2. Haiti’s parliament is meeting on a solution to end the political crisis in the country. They are debating a proposition in which President Aristide would be recognized as President but would remain in exile. Michael Norton reports (00:41-03:15)
3. At the UN Conference on Human Rights, Haiti was one of the many issues discussed. Many western nations promised to fight against what they consider the undermining of the universal nature of human rights. John McCala, the Executive Director of the US National Coalition for Haitian refugees accuses the US of hypocrisy in calling for improved human rights in some developing countries. He says the treatment of Haitian refugees by the US contradicts statements made by America at the Conference. Wendy Singh, Coordinator of the Caribbean Human Rights Network who tried to bring together regional NGOs at pre-conference sessions indicated that NGOs worked for the common good of its people with human rights a priority in its mandate (03:16-08:52)
4. Belize’s Prime Minister, George Price who returned from Britain seeks to shift the election campaign focus away from concerns over Guatemala to economic matters. Reports by the Caribbean Development Bank (CBD) and the Economic Intelligence Unit (The Economists) give Belize a better average rating for its economic performance over the past year. GDP increase from 4.1 to 5.3 percent. George Price points to the relatively healthy rating as an endorsement of his government’s management. However, Manuel Esquivel, Leader of the opposition’s United Democratic Party says that despite these reports, there are serious problems with the economy as foreign reserves fell from $150 million in 1990 to $80 million and unemployment has risen by 20 percent. Hugh Crosskill reports (08:53-12:40)
5. The OECS could lead the way towards the creation of a regional capital market system. Interview with Anthony Johnson, General Manager of Barbados Stock Exchange who supports the idea. However, James Fleming, Special Assistant to the Governor of the East Caribbean Central Bank says the sub-region will need to first concentrate on its own market before the integration of the regional market (12:41-15:03)