Caribbean Report 19-12-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:43)
2. As the Haitians await the official results of the presidential elections, the polls indicate thus far that Father Jean-Bertrand Aristide is ahead with 65%, Marc Bazin 12%, Louis Dejoie 9% and Sylvio Claude 4%. Michael Norton reports from Port-au-Prince (00:44-03:52)
3. In the event that Father Jean-Bertrand Aristide is appointed the new president of Haiti, the Vatican might revoke his priesthood title. Father Aristide has also hinted that he will renounce the religious title if asked by the Vatican. David William reports from Rome (03:53-06:02)
4. Louis Dejoie has conceded defeat to Jean-Bertrand Aristide and if offered, he is willing to accept a post in an Aristide government. Louie Dejoie is interviewed by Soraya Patrick (06:03-09:34)
5. Now that Haiti is moving towards democratic governance, there are many calls for Caricom to embrace Haiti as a full member. Maria Liberia-Peters, Prime Minister of Curacao, strongly urges the enlargement of Caricom with Haiti coming onboard (09:35-14:54)