Caribbean Report 29-09-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Orin Gordon (00:00 - 00:41)
2. Vigorous debate continues over press freedom in Grenada following the arrest of editor of the weekly newspaper Grenada Today on criminal libel charges brought against him by Prime Minister Keith Mitchell. President of the Grenada Media Association Ray Roberts questions the heavy handed use of police and crackdown of dissent. Lew Smith reports (00:42 - 05:18)
3. At a United Nations Summit in New York CARICOM Ambassadors held a meeting with US Secretary of State Madeline Albright to discuss tariff on bananas. Antigua & Barbuda Ambassador to the UN Patrick Lewis analyses the meeting reiterating the importance of bananas to Caribbean economies and the impact of trade tariffs (05:19 – 08:20)
4. At a UN Special session on the vulnerability of special islands states, CARICOM secretary General Edwin Carrington with support from Simon Molina Duarte Head of the Association of Caribbean States articulate a resolution to declare the Caribbean Sea a special environment area (08:21 – 10:03)
5. The first round of Haitian election tentatively scheduled for mid December is in doubt. President Rene Preval describes the electoral timetable as unrealistic. City University and Haitian expert Professor Bert Thomas discusses the electoral process. Keith Stone Greaves reports (10:04 – 12:20)
6. Caribbean countries are in economic decline and looking towards offshore banking as a lucrative source of revenue according to an OECD published report. President of the Bankers Association in Trinidad and Tobago Ronald Harford offers his view on the advantages of off shore banking. St, Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell discusses laws and regulation in off shore banking. British newly appointed foreign minister for Caribbean Baroness Patricia Scotland reiterates the need for transparency in financial procedures and processes (12:21 – 15:26)