Caribbean Report 04-03-1992


Jamaica’s sugar workers strike and call on Prime Minister Michael Manley and Agriculture Minister Seymour Mullings to intervene in stalled negotiations with employers. Barbados Prime Minister Erskine Sandiford has been asked to intervene in a wage stand-off between sugar workers and industry managers. Dominica’s Prime Minister Dame Eugenia Charles continues her tour of Europe to secure support for Caribbean bananas in European markets. The EC Commissioners are still to decide on the complex banana protocol which could put Caribbean banana producers at a disadvantage with its big Latin American competitors. Both the West Indies and New Zealand cricket teams meet in their first World Cup clash. In a first official visit to Havana the West Indian Commission chairman, Sir Shridath Ramphal and President Fidel Castro agree that there can be no Caribbean integration without Cuba. The Cuban News Agency lashes out against its former allies in Eastern Europe who sided with the US to achieve a resolution condemning Cuba before the UN Human Rights Commission, branding them as the new aligned imperialism.


Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:36)
2. Jamaica’s sugar industry workers walk off the job and threaten to stay away until their demands are met. Correspondent Gary Allen reports on the most recent upheaval (00:37-03:10)
3. Meetings continue between sugar worker representatives and industry managers over wage negotiations in Barbados (03:11-03:44)
4. Dominica’s Prime Minister Eugenia Charles continues her tour of Europe to secure the advantage the Caribbean banana trade has in Europe. She is interviewed by presenter Brian Redhead of the Today Show (03:45-07:36)
5. Two weeks before any decision is made on the banana protocol by EC Commissioners. Correspondent Simon Ingram reports from Brussels (07:37-09:33)
6. West Indies Cricket team versus South Africa in New Zealand as World Cup continues. Correspondent Peter Baxter interviews South African Coach Mike Procter and West Indies manager Deryck Murray (09:34-11:50)
7. The West Indian Commission meets with President Fidel Castro during its first official visit to Havana (11:51-14:03)
8. Cuba accuses the US of bullying and buying votes in condemning Cuba before the UN Human Rights Commission (14:04-14:54)