Caribbean Report 29-06-1989

Table of Contents
1. Headlines (00:00-00:39)
2. A pathologist gives cause of death for Grafton Bascombe, Grenada's Asst. Commissioner of Police who shot and killed Ag. Commissioner of Police, Cosmos Raymond. He also shot dead US Embassy's Political Attaché, John Butler. Alister Hughes is interviewed (00:40-04:36)
3. General José Abrantes, Cuba’s Interior Minister is dismissed because of the recent drug scandal. Lionel Martin reports (04:37-06:47)
4. Financial news – Cable and Wireless, the telecommunications company purchases a further twenty percent stake in telecommunication from the Jamaican Government. Cable and Wireless’ share is up to fifty nine percent making it the majority shareholder. Pat Whitehorne interviews John Payne and Tom Chellew (06:48-11:01)
5. Jamaica Sports Minister, Donald Buchanan says losing top people to other countries is not a problem. Pat Whitehorne interviews Donald Buchanan (11:02-14:58)