Caribbean Report 20-07-1990



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:43)
2. Authorities in Madrid are considering an application for political asylum for a Cuban physicist, his wife and four year old son. As the refuge crisis further weakens relations between Cuba and Spain, five more Cubans seek asylum at the Spanish Embassy in Havana. Tim Brown reports (00:44-03:51)
3. US Congressman, Larry Smith, defends his controversial bill aimed at tightening the economic embargoes against Cuba. Hugh Crosskill interviews Larry Smith (03:52-07:54)
4. Financial News. Anthony Bird, Chief Analyst of Anthony Bird Association, comments on the price of alumina (07:55-09:37)
5. Guyana's main opposition party, the People's Progressive Party, attempts to enlist the support of the British Government in the campaign for free and fair elections. Interview with Lall Singh, UK Branch Chairman of the PPP (09:38-11:43)
6. Caribbean athletes in the spotlight at the international track and field meet at the London Crystal Palace. Andy Edwards reports (11:44-14:59)