Caribbean Report 24-09-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:25)
2. Will new United States news on money laundering hurt Caribbean offshore centres? Business Reporter on policy matters for the New York Times David Cay Johnson is interviewed (00:26-04:16)
3. New controversy over party financing has broken out in the ruling party in Trinidad and Tobago. Attorney General says that he will stay in office to fight corruption. United National Congress Party Treasurer Unanand Persad and Attorney General Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj and Prime Minister Basdeo Panday are interviewed. Tony Fraser reports (04:17-09:05)
4. Further cutbacks planned in the region's aviation industry. The Chief Executive Officer of Air Jamaica Chris Zacca says that like LIAT they also have no immediate plans to cutback on staffing levels. But would they do like BWIA and turn to their government for help? In Antigua and Barbuda, the tourism industry is fighting back against the negative impacts of the attacks on the United States. Tourism Minister Molwyn Joseph is interviewed and Julius Gittens reports (09:06-14:03)
5. Meanwhile in St. Lucia, the government says that it would not join other Caribbean Islands after offering free accomodation for rescued workers at the World Trade Centre site in New York (14:04-14:24)
6. The United States Navy began inert bombing pratices in Vieques, Puerto Rico for the first time since the attacks on the United States (14:25-15:07)