A model for the Instructional Design, Development, Delivery

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The steps in producing software are usually organized into a lifecycle consisting of several phases of development. The systems development lifecycle (SDLC) provides a comprehensive framework for describing the process of solving information system problems. Given the SDLC success in software production for many years, a variant of this organized approach is put forward for Web based course production. This variant is called EMBER and consists of five steps. Although each step is presented individually, the steps are interrelated and occur in an iterative manner. The EMBER model is a structured approach to Web based course development. This model focuses on the design, development, delivery, and evaluation of instruction for a Web based course for students at secondary school level in the English speaking Caribbean. A key design decision is that the Web based course would be used to complement classroom teaching. The teacher plays the role of facilitator rather than a dispenser of instruction. This role is not new for the teacher. However, the technology provides the means whereby he/she can perform that role with effectiveness.


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EMBER, Web based course, System development life cycle