Lies and Distortions of Pan

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Trinidad Guardian
This is article is written in response to an online article entitled "Persistence of Trinidad native pans out" which credits Ellie Mannette with the development of the steelpan in Trinidad and Tobago as well creating seven of the instruments in a ten-piece steelband, but who has been "ridiculed" and scorned by the TandT society. Rennie, the author of the article refutes the claims made in the article arguing that while Ellie Mannette did contribute to the development of steelpan, the work of pan pioneers such as Spree Simon, Neville Jules, Bertie Marshall, Rudolph Charles and Tony Williams cannot be overlooked. Concern was expressed over the legitimacy of the award Ellie received from the US government, as the author felt that they were fabricated.
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Rennie, Bukka. "Lies and Distortions of Pan." Trinidad Guardian. 1 Nov. 1999: 9. Print.