Caribbean Report 07-05-1992



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:55)
2. Antigua and Barbuda’s Foreign Minister Lester Bird, criticizes Europe and the United States for creating friction between the Caribbean and Central America over the banana trade (00:56-02:42)
3. Executive Director of the Caribbean/Central American Action (CCAA), Peter Johnson warns CARICOM governments against giving-in to pressure from the United States to alter the Common External Tariff (CET) as it was designed to protect the region’s industrial and agricultural production. Correspondent Sandra Baptiste gives feedback from Jesus Persaud, President of Guyana Manufacturing Association, Trinidad and Tobago businessman Tommy Gatcliffe and Diplomat Edwin Carrington (02:43-05:43)
4. English Financial Analyst Dr. John Heptonstall tells conference attendees that the implementation of a common currency in the Caribbean cannot take place until the region harmonizes its economic performance bridging the gap between inflation rates. However, Governor of Jamaica’s Central Bank, G. Arthur Brown thinks that the wide difference in exchange rates is delaying the process (05:44-09:07)
5. A television discussion chaired by Trevor Phillip explores the question of why non-white immigrants to the United States seem to achieve greater success than their American born counterparts. Among the panelists were Trinidad born Journalist and Broadcaster Darcus Howe and American Political Scientist, Manning Marable (09:10-14:09)
6. Canadian Coroner Harvey Yarosky cites racism in Montreal’ Police Force as the root of the fatal shooting of 24 year old Marcellus Francois who was unarmed (14:10-14:35)