Caribbean Report 29-10-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. Europe signals that the days of the preferential trade and accord could be numbered. Clifford Smith reports (00:30-03:11)
3. In the US, priority with NAFTA for CBI countries have been thrown off the American Congressional agenda. This follows failure by the Republican Party to come up with the necessary majority vote to see its passage through Congress. Richard Burnell, Jamaica Ambassador to Washington is interviewed and Roy Osana reports (03:12-05:16)
4. A Trinidad born businessman is spared Florida's electric chair and his lawyers plan to push for a retrial. Stephen Sackur reports (05:17-06:46)
5. Clive Stafford Smith reports on the judges ruling on the Krishna Maharaj's case. Attorney Clive Stafford Smith is interviewed (06:47-10:40)
6. Britain announces a scheme to put Montserratians on the fast track to special housing (10:41-11:49)
7. President Sam Hinds announces the date of Guyana's elections. Colin Smith reports (10:50-15:28)