Caribbean Report 16-06-1999

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Orin Gordon (00:28)
2. Guyana Public Service Union (PSU) which has called a seven day strike for public sector workers in Guyana is threatening retaliation after police launched a raid on its offices in Georgetown. Patrick Yard, PSU President is threatening an appropriate response. Colin Smith reports. Orin Gordon interviews Anna Benjamin editor of the Sunday Stabroek newspaper on Guyana’s path of crisis to crisis since the disputed government elections in December 1997 and the need for the government to take firmer control of the situation (00:29 - 05:31)
3. The Human Rights organisation Amnesty International is calling for a worldwide ban on executions, asserting in a report that countries which accept the death penalty are condemned to live in a world where murderers set the moral tone and brutality is sanctioned. Keith Stone Greaves report (05: 32 - 06:59)
4. Prison conditions and the implementation of a regional association of prison services are two topics which will be addressed when Heads of Prison Services from several Caribbean countries meet in Trinidad this week. Jason Hernandez of Amalgamated Security Limited a private firm which runs privatised prisons in Antigua comments on the state of correctional services in the Caribbean region (06:60 – 09:03)
5. South African President Thabo Mbeki was sworn in as the country’s second black leader. In his acceptance speech Mr. Mbeki reflects on the significance of his election as President. BBC correspondents Debbie Ransome and Pete Ninvalle reports on highlights of Mandela’s leadership as president. Dominica Prime Minister Edison James discusses CARICOM economic and cultural ties with South Africa (09:04 - 14:10)
6. In the first World Cup semi-final game Pakistan won its match against New Zealand by nine wickets to move into the finals (14:11 -15: 26)