Caribbean Report 20-10-1997



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. Sandal's Chairman expresses regret as three confirm dead in St. Lucia's boat explosion. Sandal's Chairman Gordon "Butch" Stewart and Police Superintendent Osbert Regis are interviewed. Pete Ninvalle reports (00:30-02:26)
3. The Committee investigating the Montserrat's crisis rules out the appointment of a supremo. Clare Short, International Development Secretary and Chairman of the House of Commons Select Committee, Bowen Wells are interviewed and Debbie Ransome reports (02:27:05:38)
4. Caribbean leaders will be arriving in London tomorow to travel up to Edinburgh, Scotland for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting. High on the agenda are the changes to the banana regime which Europe has to put in place in order to fall in line with world free trade rules. Moya Thomas reports (05:39-07:25)
5. The Caribbean Labour Movement is lobbying American and European labour groups over the controversial WTO ruling on banana exports. That is the word from the Head of the Caribbean Congress of Labour Senator Leroy Trotman of Barbados who was speaking to the visiting Black Congressional Black Caucus. Another question put to the Black Caucus was whether the Caribbean has anything to fear from the United States over the idea of strengthen ties with the Communist Islands. Barbadian Senator Leroy Trotman and Congressman Charles Randall were interviewed (07:26-09:35)
6. The government of the Dominican Republic is restating its wish for closer trade relations with Caricom. The call came from a group the Consorcio Comercial del Caribe. This is a group charged with taking the Dominican trade policy forward. Fernando Gonzalez of the group is interviewed (09:36-12:08)
7. From the United States the tragic end of an unlikely bad boy (12:09-15:28)