OP18 - Seukeran, Lionel

2010-06-09T15:30:17Z, 9/14/1991; 5/30/1992
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Lionel Seukeran was bom in 1908 and entered politics in 1946 after a brief teaching career. He later studied law. He entered the Legislature, having won a seat as an Independent candidate, in 1956 and subsequently sewed as a member of the Democratic Labour Party As a member of the DLP he became one of the stalwart members of the Opposition which kept PNM governments on their toes. His love for parry and thrust in debate made him famous as an opposition parliamentarian. He fostered patriotism and nation-building and continually addressed issues of national importance. He died in 1992. See also OP36.
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People's National Movement, Black Power Movement, 1970, Clarke, Ellis (Sir), Solomon, Patrick, Proportional Representation, Race Relations, Williams, Eric, Independence Constitution, Maraj, Stephen, Gomes, Albert, Indians, Naparima, Parlimentarians, Federation, Personalities, Elections