Caribbean Report 12-10-1999



Table of Contents

1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:00 - 00:24)
2. Police in the Dominican Republic clash with striking workers protesting a decision by the government to raise the price of gasoline. Most schools and business places in Santo Domingo were closed. At least one death has been confirmed. Jean Michel Caroit reports (00:25 – 03:38)
3. Politicians in the Netherland Antilles are meeting to discuss current crisis in government. Prime Minister Susanne Camelia-Römer dissolves the six party coalition government and cabinet in Curacao. This follows an unsuccessful attempt to resolve the issue of 2 billion dollars in debt. Leader of Antilles Restructuring Party Miguel Arcangel Pourier comments on the ongoing impasse ( 03:39 - 07:52)
4. Tony Fraser provides an historical review on the establishment of the Caribbean Court of Appeal and reasons for delay. Barbados Attorney General David Simmons discusses opposition by members of the bar. Jamaica’s Prime Minister PJ Patterson outlines the treaty to establish the court timeline (07: 53 - 11:29)
5. Grenada lawyers boycotted the opening session of the Supreme Court. Protest follows a decision by the government to appoint an Acting Director of Public Prosecution, claiming his lack of suitability to the post. Anston Cloudon Grenada Association of Lawyers supports the action, Dereck Knight senior Queen Counsel discusses his lack of support for the action. Lew Smith reports (11:30 - 13:49)
6. Caribbean sugar producers, Guyana, Jamaica, Belize are hoping to fill gap in production following drought in Mauritius. Carl James Chairman of Caribbean Sugar Association talks on regional sugar producers benefiting from shortfall (13: 50 – 15:27)