Veteran Panmen Hits 'Handout Mentality'

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Trinidad Guardian
Patrick Arnold, the President of Pan Trinbago was on the receiving end of criticism from long time steelpan veteran Patrick Thomas. Arnold had indicated in a published statement that there was a possiblity that no Panorama will be held in 2000 due to lack of funding. Thomas accused Pan Trinbago officials of being a spoiled lot and a handout mentality. He said it is difficult to believe that an organization like Pan Trinbago which has been existence for many years had no funds, it harder to believe that the organization had not even established a retirement to men who had given their blood, sweat and tears to the steelpan movement.
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Blood, Peter Ray, "Veteran Panmen Hits 'Handout Mentality'." Trinidad Guardian. 10 Jul. 1999: 2. Print.