Caribbean Report 18-05-1993



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. Britain says that the European Commission will resist the efforts by Germany to have the European Court of Justice overturn the EC new banana import system. Hugh Crosskill reports. Interview with John Gummer, Britain’s Agriculture Minister (00:30-04:58)
3. In Brussels, European, African, Caribbean and Pacific countries’ representatives ended a meeting during which they discussed trade and aid. Caribbean ministers attending the talks have called for European help in selling their bananas, cocoa and other goods on the community market. Shada Islam reports. Interviews with George Brizan, Prime Minister of Grenada; and Paul Robertson, Jamaican Foreign Minister (04:59-07:32)
4. Caribbean Ministers have asked the EC for help to restructure the banana sector. The EC makes no promises on the Caribbean’s suggestion over a thirty-million-dollar package. EC officials say that help for the region has not been ruled out and concerns over the disbursement of Lome funds could be among issues to be addressed at a meeting in Jamaica next month. Interview with Edwin Carrington, Secretary General, CARICOM (07:33-08:42)
5. Montserrat’s Chief Minister, Reuben Meade is challenging what he says is an attempt to bar the dependent countries from access to Lome funds. The Chief Minister is also questioning the criteria used to determine aid for small countries. Interview with Rueben Meade, Chief Minister, Montserrat (08:43-10:33)
6. The decision by the British Government to withdraw troops from Belize continues to be challenged in the House of Commons. Interviews with Robert Wareing, Labour MP; Archie Hamilton, Junior Defence Minister; and John Wilkinson, Conservative MP (10:34-13:53)
7. West Indies fast bowler, Trinidadian Ian Bishop could miss the rest of the season with a fracture to the back (13:54-14:16)
8. Thousands of troops are deployed in Caracas ahead of a Supreme Court ruling that could lead to the impeachment of Venezuelan President, Carlos Andres Perez on corruption charges (14:17-14:38)