Caribbean Report 02-09-1999 

Table of Contents
1. Headlines with anchor Keith Stone Greaves (00:00 - 00:28)
2. The United States is committed to the multilateral evaluation mechanism aimed at tackling the drug problem and related crime issues in the hemisphere. Representatives from thirty four OAS member countries are in Ottawa Canada to finalise policies within this new initiative. Assistant Secretary for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs at the State and other senior US government official comment on the US strategy of certifying countries perceived as cooperative in eliminating drug trafficking in the region. Antigua/Barbuda US OAS Ambassador Lionel Hurst discuss the future evaluation mechanisms including new methods of data collection, distribution and review of countries’ drug plan (00:29 - 04:26)
3. Guyana Labour Minister Henry Jeffrey rules out seeking a loan from the International Monetary Fund or World Bank to pay the wage hike as recommended by the Pay Tribunal to state workers in Guyana. Joseph Pollydore former Secretary of Guyana Trade Union Congress speaks on the trade union response to the non-commitment of payment by the government. Colin Smith reports from Guyana on the effects of a large pay increase on the economy (04:27 - 08:01)
4. A two day meeting of Finance Ministers gathered in opened in Cuba today. This meeting is perceived as a precursor to the main summit of the Spanish-speaking bloc of countries which will take place in Havana in November 1999. Tom Gibb reports from Havana (08:02 – 09:55)
5. World Trade Organization Director General Michael Moore outlines his vision for the organization working with small states and ensuring that smaller vulnerable economies are allowed to engage and profit from a system designed to achieve higher living standards. CARICOM chief negotiator Sir Shridath Ramphal calls for wider support and new lobbying tactics in order for Caribbean countries to push for changes in rules and legislation within the WTO (09:56 - 13:53)
6. West Indies are on a winning streak having won their one day match against Zimbabwe on their current cricket tour in Singapore. Orin Gordon reports on the match (13:54 – 15:36)