Caribbean Report 05-06-2001



Table of Contents

1. Headlines (00:00-00:29)
2. Violent protest leave one man dead in a Guyanese town of Albion. Police Divisional Commander Paul Slowe and Minister of Home Affairs Ronald Gajraj are interviewed. Colin Smith reports (00:30-02:45)
3. Jamaica's opposition leader comes under fire after blaming the government for recent political violence in Kingston. Jamaica Talk-show Host and Member of Parliament for Kingston, Central Ronald Thwaite is interviewed (02:46-06:24)
4. United States is urging OAS member countries to approve the organisation's democratic charter. The Secretary General of the OAS Cesar Gaviria says he received a promise of early legislative elections from Haiti's President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Ken Richards reports (06:25-08:35)
5. Authorities in Guadeloupe are bracing themselves for further protest by the country's biggest union, the UTGC. Frederic Bernard, Radio Caribe, Martinique is interviewed (08:36-11:54)
6. Puerto Rican governor plans an alternative reference on the thorny issue of Vieques. Senator Kenneth McClintock is interviewed and Shannon Novak reports (11:55-13:43)
7. Today has been designated by the United Nations Environmental Programme as World Environment Day. The cities hosting the celebrations are Turin in Italy and the Cuban capital Havana. Daniel Schreiber reports (13:44-15:37)